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Gala Dinner / Gala Night

Gala dinners often involve awarding awards, such as long service awards, salesperson of the year, etc. For formal events, the standard dress is a black tie. A gala dinner can be an effective way to celebrate, reward, or engage an audience with a brand or service.

An event like an Annual Dinner often features entertainment, speakers, and formalities all themed around the event itself. This can make it a key part of the event’s overall theme. If the Annual Dinner is an award night recognizing excellence and achievements, it’s paramount to create an Award night event experience that reflects the quality, imagination, and excellence of your brand, nominees, and winners.

An Annual Dinner can range in size from a small event for 50 people to a large-scale affair with 10,000 people! Venues for such events can vary depending on the requirements, but most Annual Dinners are staged in function or event venues specifically designed to accommodate large numbers of people, production requirements, and entertainment. Many corporate Annual Dinners are often staged in inner-city venues for easy access for guests.

Memorable Gala Night for a variety of brands and companies

Memoiresevents have produced memorable Gala Nights for a variety of brands and companies including Sunway Construction, Grant Thornton LLP, Naza TTDI Group, MBAM, Trans Elite Group, and Swift .

Do you have any upcoming annual dinner events that you would like help planning? Event management can be a daunting task, but with some fresh ideas, your dinner party can be a real blast.

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